Valerie Massoni

CEO & Founder of Body Belly Baby

Harvard Business School MBA ( class 2003) Second Generation Pilates Teacher ( first generation teachers were trained by Joseph H. Pilates, aka Pilates’ disciples) Lolita San Miguel’s Pilates Master Pilates Masters Mentor Program – Lolita San Miguel PMMP 2015-2016 PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher ( Pilates Method Alliance ® Certified Pilates Teacher) Member of the USREPS ( United States…

Ariana Dupar

Pilates Teacher and Master

Ariana, originally from Argentina, has been in the fitness world since a young age. She moved to Miami in 2015 and joined the Body Belly Baby team .

She is a Certified Pilates instructor, aPhysical Education Professor ,and a Gymnastic Coach.
As a young girl, Ariana was a contemporary dancer and gymnast, participating in national and regional competitions before becoming a coach and Gymnastic judge in her native Argentina.

Ariana has been teaching and practicing the Pilates Method for over 10 years and training gymnasts for over 15 years.

Currently, Ariana is a PMA certified Pilates Teacher, Second Generation Pilates Master Teacher and Lolita San Miguel Pilates Master- Lolita San Miguel, Joseph Pilates’ disciple.
She is also a certified Trx and Barre instructor.

Ariana loves teaching Pilates because everybody can practice it and find her own challenge. Her goal is to find the appropriate exercise for each client and encourage her/him to achieve their optimal potential.

Mireia Ioga

YOGA Teacher and YogaMusic Teacher

Mireia Canudas was born in Barcelona with love for fitness since she was a child. Starting with competitive athletics and dancing she developed an extraordinary sense of harmony and flow that can be perceived on her yoga classes.

She received her Bachelor Degree in Physical Education Teacher at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in June 1995. In 1997, Mireia was part of the winner team of the Spanish Aerobics Championship. After all her life dancing and practicing athletics she started a new journey while she became a registered 200hr-RYT yoga teacher in Miami in 2014.

She has been teaching Yoga Vinyasa Flow at several Miami´s yoga studios and communities, as well as private lessons, customizing the best yoga practice for each client.

Recently she decided to take a new step on her professional career, and completed the Om 300hr Teacher Training taught by the recognized Cyndi Lee.

Mireia has also been an international Yoga Teacher, traveling to Europe and Latin America to spread the love of yoga, teaching yoga workshops and classes.

She was named Lolë Ambassador, teaching on Lolë meet-ups and special events.
Her Yoga is also for the little ones while she conducts and develops the YogaMusic multilingual program as she is a certified teacher by Cynthia Zak and body Belly Baby Yogamusic teacher. .

Lazara Lilia Soto

Ballet Teacher

Miss Lili began her studies at La Escuela Nacional de Artes (ENA), in Havana, Cuba where she received her degree as a professional dancer and teacher. In 1970, she began her professional career as a dancer and teacher at the prestigious Ballet de Camaguey, in Cuba. Ms. Soto later entered the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA), in 1974, further perfecting her performing and teaching abilities. While still in Cuba, she participated in national workshops and master classes at the Ballet Nacional de Cuna. While abroad, she took part in seminars in Switzerland and Munich, Germany. Her love of dance and teaching has enabled her to travel to such countries as Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, Mexico and Venezuela.

In 1992, Ms. Soto left Cuba for Argentina , where she continued to assist, choreograph, and direct musicals and ballets such as “Ilove My Life” Tetaro Lola, “Perla” Teatro Metropolitan, Ballet “Gitanos” Teatro Membribes.

She now continues to pass on her extensive knowledge and experience to professional dancers and students in Miami. Ms. Soto share her teaching time between Maria Verdeja School of Ballet, the International Institute of Fine Arts and Body Belly Baby.

Fatima Gonzalez

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Mrs Fatima Gonzalez is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

She has a 10-year background in pharmacy before she found her calling upon the birth of her son. As a single mom and working full time she was determined to pursue a career in lactation. After she obtained her training in California and became a Certified Lactation Counselor, she became Miami Children’s Hospital’s first lactation consultant student/intern while providing pharmacy care full time for patients throughout the hospital.
Upon her completion of clinical experience treating an array of breastfeeding difficulties hospital wide and passing the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners exam, she earned her International Board Certified Lactation Consultant designation. Shortly after, she was offered the position of Lactation Specialist at Miami Children’s Hospital. She oversaw lactation management throughout the organization to provide utmost care for her patients by protecting, supporting, and promoting breastfeeding. In 2015, she ventured into private practice.

Fatima joined Body Belly Baby in 2016 and the Miami Medical Center as Lactation Specialist to support new mommies and babies.
Fatima continues her education and began her studies to obtain Bachelor of Science in Maternal Child Health: Lactation Consulting. Fatima works extremely hard to achieve her goals and empower her son by being a great role model. Hard work does pay off!

Jessica Sawicki

Professional Sleep Consultant

Jessica is a mother of three beautiful children. She is trained and certified by Kim West, LCSW-S (a.k.a. The Sleep Lady®), and is a Gentle Sleep Coach. As a professional sleep consultant, Jessica is dedicated to help Body Belly Baby’s mommies and babies, Body Belly Baby’s families to get the rest you need. She assist Body Belly Baby’s families to develop a specified plan that best suits your parenting style and help you solve your child’s sleep problems together.