This course is ideally addressed to expectant moms but also to postpartum moms.

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Sleep is a given for most adults until they are new parents of a newborn.
Sleep workshops are addressed to expectant parents ideally, and parents of babies from birth to 12 months-old as well.

Baby Sleep


Baby Sleep

Baby Sleep

Baby Sleep

Baby Sleep Workshop helps every new parent or expecting parent


We often hear the expression “sleep like a baby” but Baby Sleep is actually vert different from what we think.

It is important for parents to learn about Baby Sleep. Education and knowledge are powerful. The earlier you know about Baby Sleep – and also lack of sleep – aka as sleep deprivation – the better educated choices you will make as regards your baby’s sleep habits and the more rested you will be.

Learn about sleep, sleep patterns, light sleep and deep sleep, the number of hours of sleep a baby needs during the night and during the day, the importance of nap times and how to safely put a baby to bed. Learn how to read your baby’s cues, sleep/awake window, and what can disrupt baby’s sleep from immunizations, to travel or sickness.
The more you know, the easier it will be for you and your partner to understand your baby’s sleep patterns and what to do and what not to do.
There are many sleep training styles. The workshops are following Kim West, aka the Sleep Lady and will follow the gentle sleep coaching style.



Who is Baby Sleep Workshop for ?

  • Expectant parents
  • New parents with babies from birth to 12 -18 months old
  • Sleep deprived parents who are desperate to sleep and find some rest
  • Parents of babies who sleep well at night but are not good nappers
  • Parents who want to establish good and healthy sleep habits early on for their children

What is covered in Baby Sleep Workshop?

  • Sleep cycle
  • Behavioral States
  • Deep Sleep versus light sleep
  • Understand the baby’s needs for sleep
  • Healthy Sleep habits
  • Baby sleep form birth to 6 months
  • Healthy Sleep Habits: Baby Sleep from 6-month to 18 month-old
  • Safe Baby Sleep
  • Day Baby Sleep needs versus Night Baby Sleep needs


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