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Pediatric CPR for Baby & Child Workshop


Pediatric CPR for Baby & Child is an important course for every parent.

It is really a highly recommended and a must attend course. Accidents happen quickly. Safety is a priority for your baby at home, at the park, in your car, and in and around the water.

When an emergency happens, you want to be prepared, ready and confident in your skills. Learn to be alert at all times to prevent accidents and how to react to save the life of a child. By attending our pediatric CPR for Baby and Child course, you are sure to be prepared and confident in your skills to save the life of a loved one.  Learn today these skills as you are expecting or as a parent. Do not wait until an emergency occurs as time is crucial and you need to know what to do to save your loved one. Pediatric CPR is a basic skill, easy to learn and available for all parents and caregivers.

This course is run by American Heart Association Basic Life support for Healthcare Provider Instructor and HeartSaver Instructor.

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Our Pediatric CPR for Baby & Child Workshop helps you


  • Save your child’s life in case of a risky situation or accident
  • Provide CPR to infant and save infant’s life
  • Be confident in assessing an emergency
  • Be confident providing CPR
  • Learn the risks of choking and how to prevent it from happening
  • Understand and assess a risky situation
  • How to make your home safe for your growing child
  • Care for infant during medical emergency until advanced medical personnel takes over
  • How to respond to breathing and cardiac emergency
  • How to identify potential dangers and risks to prevent accident at home, in the car, in the street, in the park, at the beach…


Who is our Pediatric CPR for Baby & Child Workshop for?

  • Parents – mommies and daddies of babies and children
  • Expecting parents
  • Nannies or caregivers
  • Any family with a swimming pool


What is covered in our Pediatric CPR for Baby & Child Workshop?

The pediatric CPR for Baby & Child Workshop follows strictly the American Heart Association Protocol. It includes a lot of hands-on practice, some videos and a manual you can keep.

  • Baby CPR ( for baby from birth up to one-year old)
  • Child CPR ( for child from one-year old up to purberty)
  • Choking management and protocole for baby from birth to one -year old
  • Choking management and protocole for a child from one-year old up to puberty
  • Review of most common preventable accidents in young years of childhood and how to prevent them.