Prenatal Postnatal Pilates Workshop 



The prenatal / postnatal Pilates workshop is approved by the Pilates Method Alliance as Body Belly Baby is a proud PMA Continuing Education. Provider. 

The workshop is the most comprehensive and advanced training for the Pilates Certified Teacher and fitness professional.

It is addressed to Pilates Certified instructors and fitness professionals who want to learn about Pilates during and after pregnancy, extend their knowledge to serve a population with specific needs – the pregnant and postpartum clientele– and have the tools and confidence to work with this population and enjoy the process and rewarding experience to be part of a mother-to-be and new mother journey.

Pregnancy is about the body and baby’s growth.
Labor is about the body and baby’s birth.
Postpartum is about the body’s recovery and baby’s care.
Pilates is about the body.


  •  Teach your client from the beginning of pregnancy up to 40 weeks until baby is born, the immediate postpartum period and the postpartum period when she is released by her physician to start physical activity again.
  • It integrates not only all of the Pilates Method components but also the evidence- based Lamaze International Pregnancy to Parenting learning, and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists guidelines.
  • Learn how movement, positions, and breathing are key in caring, nurturing and preparing the expecting and postpartum woman physically, mentally, and emotionally 


What do you learn in the prenatal / postnatal Pilates Workshop ?


Pilates, as a mind body spirit form of exercise, is the most adapted form of physical activity for the pregnant and postpartum body.


  • Learn to listen to your pregnant client as her body changes constantly.
  • Learn to read your client’s body language and needs throughout her pregnancy.
  • Learn to listen to your postpartum client as her body is recovering and coming back to pre-pregnancy shape taking into account all of the changes happening in a new mother’s life.
  • Learn to create the best format for your client respecting her special needs and her goals in a safe and effective manner.
  • Learn how to teach a one-to-one private class or group class 
  • Understand the physiological changes 
  • To learn about the musculoskeletal changes
  • To learn the role and importance of a healthy pelvic floor during and after pregnancy
  • To learn the importance of breathing 
  • How pregnancy & postpartum impact the female client physically, emotionally, and psychologically
  • To know about the doctors’ recommendations
  • Select the right exercises for your client in mat and apparatus work



What are the objectives of the prenatal / postnatal Pilates Workshop ?


The objectives of this workshop are:

  • Allow Pilates certified instructors and certified Fitness professionals to welcome pregnant and postpartum clients in their studio and be confident in their knowledge and skills to safely and effectively guide and teach them in a private session or in a group setting.
  • To educate Pilates teachers about pregnancy and postpartum
  • How it affects the way you teach and the way clients need to move
  • Pilates with the necessary modifications on mat and apparatus
  • Demonstrate how and why the Pilates Method is the most adapted form of physical activity during and after pregnancy.
  • How to listen and choose the right exercises for your client in mat and apparatus work
  • Give you the tools, techniques and knowledge to design your class format

By the end of the workshop, you will be knowledgeable, confident and have a great foundation to start with this clientele.