Miss Lili began her studies at La Escuela Nacional de Artes (ENA), in Havana, Cuba where she received her degree as a professional dancer and teacher. In 1970, she began her professional career as a dancer and teacher at the prestigious Ballet de Camaguey, in Cuba. Ms. Soto later entered the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA), in 1974, further perfecting her performing and teaching abilities. While still in Cuba, she participated in national workshops and master classes at the Ballet Nacional de Cuna. While abroad, she took part in seminars in Switzerland and Munich, Germany. Her love of dance and teaching has enabled her to travel to such countries as Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, Mexico and Venezuela.

In 1992, Ms. Soto left Cuba for Argentina , where she continued to assist, choreograph, and direct musicals and ballets such as “Ilove My Life” Tetaro Lola, “Perla” Teatro Metropolitan, Ballet “Gitanos” Teatro Membribes.

She now continues to pass on her extensive knowledge and experience to professional dancers and students in Miami. Ms. Soto shares her teaching time between Maria Verdeja School of Ballet, the International Institute of Fine Arts and Body Belly Baby.