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Birthing Class is a MUST


Birthing class is an essential preparation for the expecting mother and her partner.

Research shows that attending a birthing class may positively impact the physical health of both mother and baby in addition to the mental and emotional health of mothers.

Birthing class is part of future parents prenatal education and a vital part of pregnancy and childbirth preparation.


The Lamaze Childbirth class is an evidence-based class aligned with the ACOG guidelines ( American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) and is the only only accredited certification for childbirth educators and the most respected and recognized credential in childbirth education.

The class equips future parents with the knowledge, the tools, and the confidence they need for this amazing journey.

As the C- section rate is increasing fast, childbirth education is even more important to understand the medical and non-medical options to prepare for labor and birth.


This class helps you to :

  • Discover your needs in childbirth
  • Learn about childbirth, your options, anyhow to communicate with your medical team
  • Prepare mentally  physically, and emotionally for childbirth
  • Achieve the most satisfying birth experience for you


Who is birthing class for?

  • Women expecting parents in their second or third trimester in pregnancy
  • Parents who want a personal and intimate learning environment different from a hospital setting
  • Parents who want to educate themselves about the birth process
  • You want a childbirth class that fits your needs and works with you
  • Our childbirth class is in small group settings and private class can be easily organized as well
  • Our birthing movements taught in Prenatal Pilates classes


What is covered in our birthing class?

  • your dream birth description
  • your priorities, choices, and values for your birth and your baby
  • the female anatomy during pregnancy and labor
  • normal birth versus medical birth vs. c-section birth
  • the stages of labor and what it means for your body, for you, and your birth team ( OBGYN)
  • the comfort measures – relaxation, breathing techniques
  • birthing positions
  • birth plan preparation
  • communication with your birth team ( doctor, hospital, partner, family member, midwife)
  • nutrition
  • exercising

Our childbirth education program follows Your Birth Experience Protocol.

Pregnant woman ready to attend a birthing class to prepare for labor and birth

This is the belly of a pregnant woman in her third trimester taking a birthing class to learn and prepare for labor and delivery