What is abdominal separation?

Diastasis recti is the separation of the 2 muscle bellies of rectus abdominis.

It is also known as abdominal separation. It is prevalent during and after pregnancy. As the baby grows, uterus and belly grow and push forward. Gravity, the relaxin hormone, and forward pressure challenge the core muscles. The connective tissue between the rectus abdominus muscles makes a line named linea alba. As the belly grows, the linea alba tends to stretch and weaken.

Research shows the prevalence of diastasis recti among pregnant women during pregnancy and the first year postpartum.

How does Diastasis Recti affect the body during and after pregnancy?

The prevalence of mild abdominal separation is high both during pregnancy (34% of women) , 6 weeks after childbirth (60%) and 33% 12 months postpartum. Frequent lifting and carrying young children cause increased strain on the abdominal wall.

Understandably, it can affect posture and cause more back strain due to reduced strength and function, and leads to low back pain. Women with Diastasis Recti even complain about lumbopelvic pain 12 months postpartum.

It is often visible to the eye during pregnancy and can be checked physically once baby is born. The belly may form a little pooch.

How to prevent, reduce or close an abdominal Separation

  • Exercise during pregnancy is the key to prevent or reduce the occurrence of Diastasis recti
  • Pilates is one of the best exercises to address abdominal separation may protect against more severe diastasis
  • Engaging often in regular exercise three times a week or more
  • Regular walking exercise during pregnancy
  • Wearing a supportive belt during pregnancy
  • Using a postpartum belly belt
  • Develop a good understanding and awareness of posture and breathing during pregnancy
  • Exercise safely postpartum with an adequate postpartum mommy and me physical activity
  • Be extra vigilant as new mom carries their baby, car seat, stroller etc
  • Hence it is critical for every woman to maintain a healthy core to be at their best before, during, and after pregnancy.

We teach Pilates and Belly breathing technique to create awareness, reduce occurrence of abdominal separation ,and reduce it postpartum.

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