Baby Sleep Class helps parents Survive

the first weeks of sleep deprivation

“Sleeping like a baby” is just an expression

Sleep-deprivation is more the reality 

There are three important aspects of infant sleep for new parents.

First, sleep safety is the most important one. New parents need to make sure that their newborn child sleeps in a safe environment to prevent SIDS and that all the conditions are met to optimize sleep safety.

Second, parents have to understand baby’s behaviors and sleep patterns.

Finally, parents will be sleep-deprived for a couple of weeks or months. Having a plan is a good strategy to cope with sleep-deprivation.

This is why Body Belly Baby offers a Baby Sleep Class.

The earlier you know about infant sleep – and also lack of sleep – i.e. sleep deprivation – the more educated choices you can make as regards to your child’s sleep habits.

Who is Baby Sleep Class for?

  • Expectant parents in their third trimester
  • New parents with babies from birth to 12-months old
  • Sleep deprived parents who are desperate to sleep and rest
  • Parents of a baby who sleeps well at night but is not a good napper
  • Family who wants to establish good and healthy sleep habits early on for their children
  • The workshop is following Kim West, aka the Sleep Lady and will follow the gentle sleep coaching style

What is covered in the Sleep Class?

As we understand the importance of sleep for the child and parents, a couple of subjects are covered in class. However, this is not a sleep training class

  • Sleep cycle
  • Behavioral States
  • Sleep patterns
  • Number of hours of sleep by age
  • Deep Sleep versus light sleep
  • Understand the baby’s needs for sleep
  • The importance of nap times
  • Healthy Sleep habits
  • Newborn Sleep form birth to 6 months
  • Healthy Sleep Habits for a child from 6-month up to 18-month old
  • Safe Baby Sleep
  • Day Sleep needs versus Night Sleep needs
  • Read baby’s cues
  • In addition, we cover sleep disruptions
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