Our Baby Food Workshop introduces you to starting solid food for your baby.

Your baby essentially eats breastmilk and/or formula during her first six months of life.

At about six months of age, your pediatrician will recommend to introduce new food progressively.

Yet starting solid food may seem intimidating or overwhelming. One does not know what food to start with, how much, and how frequently to introduce new foods. One may be worried about allergies. One may be concerned about portion. In addition one cares about safety and eliminating the possible risk of chocking.

Starting solids can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Our practical and dynamic workshop is the key to successfully on introduce solids stress-free to your baby. Our licensed dietitian and nutritionist and Registered Dietitian Marina will share both her professional experience of more than eight years in helping children and families improve their nutrition as well as her personal experience feeding her daughter.

We offer:

  • Baby Starting First Food Workshop
  • Baby Food Private consultation

Our Baby Food Workshop helps you

  • Eliminate unnecessary stress and achieve confidence when first starting to introduce solid foods to your baby
  • Understand the latest Pediatric Nutrition Recommendations for feeding infants such as foods to avoid, preventing food allergies, choking hazards and more.
  • Develop healthy feeding techniques from the start to raise healthy eaters from infancy through adolescence
  • Understand what foods to give, when to include them and how best to include them for your baby

Who is our Baby Food Workshop for?

  • Parents – mommies and daddies of babies from 4- month old up to 12-month old
  • Expecting moms who want to learn ahead of time and be informed early on
  • Nannies or caregivers who would be cooking for babies and introducing solid food

What is covered in Baby’s First Foods Workshop?

  • WHEN is my little one ready to start to eat solids?
  • WHY should I start to feed my baby solids?
  • WHAT should I feed my baby first? What food should I introduce later?
  • HOW is the best way to start feeding solids?
  • Myths and questions about infant nutrition and complementary feeding
  • How to advance and continue healthy feeding and healthy habits through the 1st year of life.
  • Practical resources to help you including menu examples, recipe ideas, foods to avoid, portion sizes, table guide and safe food practices to follow.
  • Advice from a Nutritionist-Dietitian and mom to you!
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