Shula B.

Shula is a comprehensively certified Pilates Instructor with a love and specialty for pregnancy. A mother of two young children, she has experienced and discovered the Pilates Method during her pregnancies and successfully certified in New York from the renowned Ellie Herman Pilates studios.

She has a 5-year + background teaching private clients and helping them stay in great shape and health during and after pregnancy.

Mrs. Begun joined our Body Belly Baby Team in Summer 2018 and delivers excellent services to our mommy community. She is very knowledgeable, soft spoken and delicate. Her soft and gentle manners makes every expecting mother feel relaxed, guided and supported.

In addition to her Pilates Credentials, Shula is a nutritionist and has been helping our moms-to-be and moms and babies to eat healthy and create the perfect nutrition plans for our expecting patient, new moms and babies to start solid food.