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Mommy and Me Pilates in Miami

Mommy and Me class is addressed to moms and baby from 6 weeks up to 18 months old. The class allows every mom to have a safe, effective physical activity together with her baby.

Pilates is an excellent form of mind body exercise for every postpartum mom. It addresses many of the discomforts a new mother may experience.

As a new mom, ones gets through many changes emotionally, physically, psychological and socially.

Mommy and Me Pilates Class is an amazing way to not only get back in shape but also find your new you and make new friends.


Mommy and Me Pilates is right for you

  • you are a postpartum mom with your baby
  • you want to exercise and get your body back safely and effectively
  • you care about a healthy functioning body
  • you want to strengthen all of your body with a focus on your core
  • have an effective, fun, and fulfilling work out
  • you want to meet other moms and babies


What are Mommy and Me Pilates Class benefits for you?

Mommy and Me Pilates is one of the most gentle and safest ways to bring your body back to shape.

  • Helps to recover from delivery, C-section, and return to a healthy weight faster
  • strengthens your core muscles after birth – vaginal or C-section
  • tones your whole body
  • develops an awareness of your posture
  • works on the power house : abdominal region and pelvic floor muscles
  • exercise together with your baby in the class
  • strengthens mom’s arms and back muscles to hold and carry your growing child
  • helps mother to build strength and improve cardio vascular fitness
  • improves appearance and posture
  • improves mood, self –esteem and energy level
  • Decreases risk of depression and anxiety
  • Meet new moms

When can you start and attend this class during your postpartum ?

Mommy and Me Pilates is one of the most gentle and safest ways to bring your body back to shape.

  • you need the release from your physician to resume physical activity such as mommy and me Pilates
  • usually 6 weeks after a vaginal delivery and 8 weeks after a c-section delivery
  • twice a week is the ideal frequency
  • you use a baby carrier