Women Wellness and Education Centre , to be at your best before, during, and after pregnancy with your baby. Pilates, fitness Classes for expectant moms, moms and babies…
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Welcome to Body Belly Baby!

Body Belly Baby offers a choice of quality health-related and educational activities in a caring and safe environment conducive to social bonding.

We accompany women through the cycles of motherhood from Body to Belly, from Belly to Baby and back to a healthy Body.

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Learn pediatric CPR today : One child aged 5 years and younger is treated in ER every 45 minutes for a stroller-related injury in the United States.

As pediatric CPR is a course we recommend to every parent-to-be or new parents, no everyone decides to take the course and postpones it to later. Once baby arrives, parents are very busy, sleep-deprived, and can not imagine themselves sitting in a classroom for three hours. It is easy to understand that the priority at…


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  • Gerrie PregnantMy name is Gerrie Stewart. I am a mother of a 2-year old and 4-month old baby. I practiced prenatal Yoga during my first pregnancy and knew that I wanted to be stronger, more fit during my second pregnancy and stumbled upon the Body Belly Baby card at my doctor's office- so glad I made the call! Prenatal Pilates at Body Belly Baby in Coconut Grove and Valerie Massoni - the owner - were and still continue to be integral part of my physical and mental well-being. The highlight of my week was going to work out with Valerie and other pregnant women twice a week. Aside from Valerie being amazingly supportive, it is great to be part of a community of women and mothers, to share and learn with others who are going through a smilier experience: pregnancy, motherhood, nursing, being sleep-deprived... I am so thankful and glad that Valerie Massoni's support continues even past Pregnancy with amazing Baby Massage classes and Mommie&Baby pilates classes. Baby Massage has been an incredible way for my husband and I to bond with both our newborn and 2-year old and it also helps calm them and relax them. Post Pregnancy classes have helped me tone and strengthen much more rapidly that I did after my first pregnancy. Thank you Valerie Massoni and Body Belly Baby.    
    Gerrie Pregnant
    Prenatal pilates class at Body Belly Baby allows me to stay strong and fit and prepare for labor in my second pregnancy
  • photo[1]I was referred to Body Belly Baby early on in my pregnancy, and I attended the pre-natal Pilates classes weekly up until the very end. From the beginning I absolutely loved the studio and the personalized attention from the owner, Valerie. She went above and beyond for all the students, and always answered all of our many pregnancy questions with helpful tips and solutions, in addition to the physical Pilates instruction. I had a dream pregnancy, no sickness or discomfort, and barely any water retention, and I truly credit my Pilates practice with Valerie for my prenatal health. My strength grew every week, and I just felt better after every class, no matter how tired I was before. I had tried prenatal yoga before finding the studio, but I found that I enjoyed the Pilates classes so much more, since they are tailor-made to build the strength necessary for labor, and not just stretching exercises to relax.   So often pregnant women are told to rest and cease physical activity, but I found that I felt healthier and stronger the more active that I was. The classes at Body Belly Baby also provided great camaraderie with other pregnant students; I really enjoyed bonding with everyone and hearing about their unique pregnancy journeys. In addition, the pediatric CPR course offered at Body Belly Baby was excellent, and both my husband and I attended.   I look forward to taking the baby massage courses and to continuing with my Pilates practice postpartum. I would recommend Body Belly Baby highly to any expectant or new mother, and I am so thankful that I found the studio as soon as I became pregnant! Valerie is so caring and encouraging- she provides that TLC that all pregnant women so desperately need!     Kelly Sullivan James was born on February 26th 2015
    Prenatal Class – Pilates to be at my best during my pregnancy
  • Body Belly Baby is what every woman needs, at every stage of your life to keep healthy! I am a mother of three teenagers and always on the go. Valerie offers a unique individualized service re-shaping my body where time has set bad habits in! I feel stronger, taller and more confident in my skin and her classes strengthen my weak areas and makes my body smile:) Thank you. Julie
    Testimonial – Julie Bosch Victory
    Julie Bosch
    Happy Client

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