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Childbirth Class


Welcome to our Childbirth education Class ! This is a must in your preparation for labor and delivery.

The Lamaze Childbirth class is an evidence-based class with the most recent research in the medical field. It promotes a healthy labor and birth for the mother and her baby.

The class prepares expecting parents and provide them with knowledge, tools, and confidence for this amazing journey. It includes a little bit of theory and a lot of practice of movements, labor position and comfort measures.

As the c-section rate is increasing fast, childbirth education is even more important to understand your options.


This class helps you to :

  • Discover your needs in childbirth
  • Learn about childbirth, your options, anyhow to communicate with your medical team
  • Prepare mentally  physically, and emotionally for childbirth
  • Achieve the most satisfying birth experience for you


Who is Childbirth education class for?

  • Women expecting parents in their second or third trimester in pregnancy
  • Parents who want a personal and intimate learning environment different from a hospital setting
  • Parents who want to educate themselves about the birth process
  • You want a childbirth class that fits your needs and works with you
  • Our childbirth class is in small group settings and private class can be easily organized as well


What is covered in this class?

  • your dream birth description
  • your priorities, choices, and values for your birth and your baby
  • the female anatomy during pregnancy and labor
  • normal birth versus medical birth vs. c-section birth
  • the stages of labor and what it means for your body, for you, and your birth team ( OBGYN)
  • the comfort measures – relaxation, breathing techniques, and birthing positions
  • birth plan preparation
  • communication with your birth team ( doctor, hospital, partner, family member, midwife)
  • nutrition
  • exercising

Our childbirth education program follows Your Birth Experience Protocol.

Pregnant woman ready to attend a childbirth education class in her third trimester

This is a third trimester pregnant woman’s belly ready to take a childbirth education class to learn about labor and delivery