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Newborn Baby 101 Class


Welcome toNewborn Baby 101 class. You are soon becoming new parents and getting ready to meet your baby. Get off the a great start by learning the basics to be prepared and care for your baby.

Newborn Baby 101 class is addressed to first time parents

Our newborn class is recommended for first time parents. It is an evidence-based class to prepare expecting parents before their baby is born and comes home. They can learn and practice in class the daily skills they need soon  (changing diapers, burping baby, bathing baby). The class makes everyone confident and ready. For the pregnant mom, it is reassuring that their partner knows too and will be able to support her when baby is here. Of course, partners have a huge role to help mom when baby is born.

As new parents leave the hospital, they may feel stressed and not know what to do or how to do it. The Prenatal Baby 101 class is designed to prepare them and address all the little stressful elements. That way,  transition smoothly from the hospital to your home with your newborn.

Why does Newborn Baby 101 class include?

Baby 101 Class includes a wide repertoire of the things you need to know and be comfortable with so that you are confident coming back alone with your baby at home once you leave the hospital. The following are included in Baby 101 class in Miami at Body Belly Baby.

Newborn Baby 101 Class prepares you for

• Pediatrician interview

• Nursery preparation

• Bag preparation

• Diapering, Poop, Diaper rash

• Umbilical cord care

• all feeding methods

• Burping, gas, reflux

• Baby bath

• Baby care

Baby sleep basics and healthy sleep habits are included in the class

• Swaddling
• Healthy sleep habits
• Sleep safety
Newborn Baby 101 shows a baby sleeping in her crib and how to put a baby to sleep safely