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Learn all about breastfeeding – Prenatal Breastfeeding Class in Miami

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Breastmilk’s benefits are well understood.It is natural and breast milk is the ideal nutrition for babies. Yet it is a learned behavior for both the baby and her mother. In addition, it is a lot of work and mothers breastfeed their newborn 8 to 12 times a day. Confidence and preparation are key for the mother to succeed in her lactation journey . Thus support from family and partner is also critical to a rewarding journey. Couples are encouraged to attend this class together.

Attending a class as you are expecting or right after you gave birth is very beneficial to get off a great start in your lactation journey,

Our class – conducted by an expert IBCLC consultant (International Breastfeeding Certified Lactation Consultant) and a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE)  – prepares you to breastfeed your baby with success and confidence.

We follow ACOG  and WHO guidelines.


Breastfeeding Basics

  • Educates you all about lactation
  • Prepares you mentally physically, and emotionally
  • Achieve the most satisfying experience for you and your baby
  • Helps you understand the benefits to you and your baby
  • Build confidence

Who is Breastfeeding Class for?

  • Women and partners expecting in their second or third trimester in pregnancy
  • New parents with newborns who need some support and knowledge
  • Parents who want a personal and intimate learning environment different from a hospital setting
  • Parents who want to educate themselves about the lactation
  • Our class is in small group settings and private consultation can easily be organized

What is covered in our Class?

  • Learn normal newborn behavior, what to expect and how to respond to early feeding cues
  • Baby’s stomach capacity
  • Feeding cues
  • Breastfeeding positioning
  • Latching
  • Breast/nipple care
  • Engorgement and soreness
  • Pumping (when, how, types of pumps) vs. hand expression
  • Diet and medications
  • Prematurity and unexpected circumstances
  • Myths
  •  Q&A
  • an hour and a half long class