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Giving birth is one of the most important events in a woman’s life at many levels. Becoming a mom is beautiful. Becoming a mom is happy. Becoming a mom is emotional. Becoming a mom is also a process, a transition and one must be prepared, educated, informed. Taking a childbirth class is very important to prepare you step by step to you birth experience. Labor is a process- short or long- easy or difficult – smooth or bumpy- as you learn more about you, your needs, your body, and as you learn about anatomy of your body, labor, and birth you become knowledgeable, educated, and empowered. When you don’t know what you don’t know, you are afraid. When you know what to expect, you are less afraid and more in control. You prepare yourself. Exactly as if you were getting ready for a major physical. mental ,and emotional challenge. Labor and birth are often compared with a Marathon : The marathon of Birth! Physically, emotionally, and mentally, we can understand the similarities to some extent.

Get Ready for Birth - Child birth Class during Pregnancy

Get Ready for Birth – Childbirth Class in Miami during Pregnancy

However a marathon comes with a date, a beginning hour and an end. You know the route, you know the milage, you prepared for weeks, months, physically and mentally. You can stop whenever you want. Once labor starts, it will not stop.

To prepare for Marathon D-day, you work out with a trainer, you consult a nutritionist, you practice every day and train your body, you measure your performance to improve for d-day.

To prepare for Birth B-day it is a must to learn about your body during pregnancy, during labor, during baby’s birth in one of our Body Belly Baby Birth childbirth class. Preparing for your birth is critical: learning about nutrition, exercise, sleep, stages of labor.Learning about your hospital protocol, and your OBGYN ‘s guidelines is also important. The more educated you are with Childbirth Class, the better prepared you will be for the birth of your baby.

You can take a Childbirth Class in a hospital setting. The childbirth class is understandably geared towards the hospital and what is commonly done. At Body Belly Baby, in Miami, the childbirth class to prepare you for the birth of your baby is for YOU, for who you are, with your ideas, your wishes, your dreams, and your fears. Childbirth class at Body Belly Baby is first all about you and the type of birth you are envisioning within your hospital.  Childbirth class in Miami at Body Belly Baby educates you about the female body anatomy, the stages of labor, the measures of comfort, relaxation, nutrition during pregnancy, physical exercise during pregnancy, and the power of prenatal Pilates as the best form of exercise. Be prepared for the most important day of you life and attend Your birth Experience Childbirth Class in Miami at Body Belly Baby.

Be at your best before, during, and after pregnancy. Body Belly Baby prepares you for the best Birth Experience : Yours !


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