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The Mystery and Beauty of Childbirth

Prepare your body and your mind to be ready for baby in online childbirth class

Childbirth is a natural beautiful process. It is the work of the body called labor. Our body eventually takes control as everything is naturally orchestrated with the perfect cocktail of hormones when baby is ready to be born.

Understanding what’s happening to our body is key. And understanding how to help your body, how to have the right physical and emotional support is equally critical.  Ones does not learn about labor and childbirth by simply scrolling through beautiful images of birth on Instagram. To truly prepare for the labor and delivery, we recommend everyone to  join an expert-led childbirth class. Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educators are the ones to turn to as Lamaze Education is the only educational program accredited by the NCCA.

“All first-time families should take childbirth education—it really should be a blanket requirement because it gives them the foundational framework of what to expect,” says Amy Johnson-Grass, president of the American Association of Birth Centers.

Benefits of Online Childbirth Class

While most hospitals and birth centers offer comprehensive classes in-person and onsite, many are now catering to our current reality of social distancing due to COVID-19 with online childbirth classes. Some classes are taught via live stream; others are pre-recorded. Our online virtual Lamaze Childbirth Education course takes place with an educator to whom you can ask questions, provides personalized attention and makes you feel like part of a community. Enrolling in our online childbirth course taught by a Lamaze certified expert lessens anxiety you may have about giving birth, provides you with the evidence-based knowledge and level of confidence to discuss with your spouse or partner, with your birth team (OBGYN, Midwifes, Doulas) and plan for the best birth experience (Plan A & Plan B) together. Our online childbirth class helps you to know about the 6 healthy principles for a healthy labor, childbirth and baby.

Of course, the beauty of our online childbirth classes is that you can take them safely, remotely, in the comfort of your home.

When to attend an Online Childbirth Class

The ideal time is the early second trimester as it gives ample time to the expecting parents to learn, prepare, ask questions during the course. It allows the parents-to-be to circle back with their OBGYN, Midwife, and or doula. It also enables the couple to prepare, apply the learning and techniques to relieve discomfort, practice movements and rehearse their birth ritual. We recommend pregnant women to attend an online childbirth education class as soon as possible so that they can also choose the right caregiver who meets their expectations and preferences as regards pregnancy, labor and childbirth. Learning evidence-based birth and labor information early halves women make the best decision in terms of hospital, OBGYN’s practice and doctors.




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