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Body Belly Baby created a 10-week course for moms and baby to attend together.

The same group of moms and babies get together and learn a routine to exercise safely and playfully, getting stronger week after week.

This Pilates postpartum course also includes smooth belly dance moves, and contains a focus on pelvic floor exercise. Mom and baby exercise together; using a “baby Carrier” at times or your child’ s weight to exercise or leaving your baby on the comfortable mat. The course ends with some Yoga moves and stretches for your little one. This is a wonderful course where you get stronger and bond even more with your baby and getting to know many new friends for you and your baby too.

Pilates is one of the most gentle and safest ways to bring your body back to shape, strengthening your core muscles and whole body, and develop an awareness of your abdominal region, more specifically your pelvic floor muscles.


  • Enjoy and exercise together with your baby in the class
  • Strengthens mom’s arms and back muscles to hold and carry your growing child
  • Helps mother to build strength, improve muscle tone and cardio vascular fitness
  • Improve appearance and posture
  • Improves mood, self –esteem and energy level
  • Decreases risk of depression and anxiety
  • Strengthens pelvic floor muscles
  • Helps to recover from delivery, C-section, and return to a healthy weight faster
  • Mommy community

From a physical standpoint, postnatal pilates classes help you get fit, be stronger, and get back in shape after delivery at the right pace.

From an emotional, you will feel energized and it will boost your self-esteem.
From a social standpoint, you will meet new moms, share experiences and create friendships.