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Learning First Aid and CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) can save the life of your most precious person, the life of your baby or child.

As a parent, you are learning all the time:  how to nurse, change, bath, soothe your infant and make her sleep. You teach, help, show, educate, raise, protect, cure, make her sing, laugh, read, count…

You know so much about what to do, how to do it, when to do it.

Do you also know how to [dt_highlight color=””]save your child’s life[/dt_highlight] if she is choking, not breathing, if she is unconscious and turning blue, if she is hit by a bike, falls from a tree or a slide ?

There are only 4 to 6 minutes to save your child if she /he does not breathe and is deprived from oxygen.

Moms, parents, grand-parents, caregivers, and nannies should learn pediatric CPR to help save the life of their precious one if an accident happens.

[dt_highlight color=””]Pediatric CPR[/dt_highlight] is [dt_highlight color=””]easy[/dt_highlight] to learn.

[dt_highlight color=””]Pediatric CPR[/dt_highlight] is [dt_highlight color=””]accessible[/dt_highlight].

[dt_highlight color=””]Pediatric CPR[/dt_highlight] takes [dt_highlight color=””]few hours[/dt_highlight] to learn.

[dt_highlight color=””]Pediatric CPR[/dt_highlight] is a [dt_highlight color=””]MUST [/dt_highlight]have when you become a parent.

Do not wait any longer and [dt_highlight color=””]learn pediatric CPR[/dt_highlight]. It can save the [dt_highlight color=””]life of your most precious person[/dt_highlight] in the world.

Pediatric CPR course will be offered at Body Belly Baby in the Sring 2014.

Pediatric CPR and first Aid course by Valerie Massoni, American Heart Association – Basic Life Support /CPR/AED Instructor and HeartSaver Instructor – Coconut Grove, Florida


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