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onein3womenuseapadLoss of bladder control – Urinary Incontinence –  is due to weak pelvic floor muscle.

Pregnancy, birth, episiotomy, C-section, lack of exercise, higher than average BMI, pelvic surgery, multiple pregnancies, age, hormonal changes are all contributing factors to a weak pelvic floor.

Body Belly Baby OPEN HOUSE in Coconut Grove main goal is to educate women of all ages about the importance of a healthy pelvic floor at any stage in their life : pregnant women, new moms, school-age children moms, pre and postmenopausal women, and grand-mothers.

One out of three women do experience urine leakage from mild leakage to heavy wetting. 25% of young women are affected…47% of women between 20 and 49 years old are impacted…. but usually do not talk about it…Embarrassing ? Taboo? Stigma!
It is time to educate and bring the awareness that the pelvic floor is one of the most important series of muscles in our body. It is a muscle that needs to be toned, trained, strengthened as any other muscle.

At Body Belly Baby, for expecting moms in every prenatal and prenatal Pilates class we do educate expecting moms about the important role of the pelvic floor and how to “access” and tone this muscle. We are talking about it and teaching how to perform Kegel Exercises.
Every expecting mom is taught how to perform her Kegel exercise in class and encouraged to perform them daily to prepare her body for baby daily and prevent leakage.

For new moms , pregnancy has been very strenuous on their pelvic floor. 9 months of carrying baby, growing uterus and baby, and increasing weight do challenge, stretch, weaken the pelvic floor a lot.
Research shows that pregnancy itself is the main factor in weakening pelvic floor muscles. Many women believe that the type of delivery – natural or with a C-section- will determine if their pelvic floor is weak and assume that it does not need nay training or toning if they gave birth with a C-section.
However studies show that the strain on the pelvic floor muscle comes mainly from pregnancy itself, during which the weight of the growing baby is fully absorbed by the pelvic floor.Independently of the type of birth, every mom – postpartum woman- needs toning and strengthening of her pelvic floor.
In mommy-and-me Pilates Classes at Body Belly Baby, new moms do practice their Kegel and some discover the EXMI Chair that does the Kegels for them.
Pelvic training helps in the recovery of the pelvic floor muscle from the strain of pregnancy, preventing urinary incontinence and improving the woman sex life.
As Pilates is a wonderful way to develop body awareness, Kegel exercise are taught in Pilates class.

For women experiencing urine incontinence, pelvic floor training helps treat incontinence and improve bladder control. It is very important for a woman experiencing preliminary symptoms of UI to start her pelvic floor training as early as possible.

Think about the pelvic floor muscles as the bottom of a grocery bag, shaped like a hammock. The floor is supporting your vagina, your uterus, and rectum together with the rest of the bowels. A strong and healthy pelvic floor is critical in your life quality and well being… We exercise quadriceps, biceps, abdominals… al the muscles we can see from the outside. It is time to incorporate pelvic floor muscle training in your weekly or daily routine for every woman.

Training of pelvic floor can be done with electric stimulation, kegels exercises, and electro magnetic stimulation. Electro magnetic stimulation is the most effective training types to strengthen, tone your pelvic floor.


Together with proper exercise – from prenatal Pilates,  Pilates, postnatal pilates, to walking, swimming and yoga, a healthy diet, good voiding habits, limited amount of caffeine and carbonated drinks, the training of your pelvic floor is critical to your health.

Body Belly Baby is the only location in MIAMI to provide Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation with the NEOCONTROL EXMI Chair. Together with your pilates or yoga classes in Coconut Grove, you can easily add a 20-mn session of Pelvic floor training , seating on the chair before or after your class.


Pelvic Floor Toning is not TABOO. it is TO-DO!




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