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Baby Sebastian is alive today thanks to his aunt’s CPR training and skills.

It was both a coincidence and a confirmation for me that pediatric CPR is a requirement for every parent.
Last Friday, I was actually attending my instructor course and examination at an American Heart Association Training Center when we heard from our trainer about baby Sebastian and how his aunt saved him thanks to CPR and breathing. She had taken a CPR class many years ago, which allowed her to identify the problem, react, and save her nephew.

Every body, every parent or caregiver needs to learn the basic skills to save the life of their baby or any baby.
I strongly believe that this is one of our duties as a parent and I encourage every body to learn these skills.

Learning pediatric CPR is accessible to all, easy to understand and practice, allows you to be confident in your abilities to help and save an infant or a child. Why wait any longer?

Body Belly Baby is a center for moms during and after pregnancy.

Body Belly baby offers pediatric first aid and CPR classes for baby in Coconut Grove in Miami, Florida so that many babies can be saved and be as lucky as baby Sebastian in Miami and all over the world.

With its many swimming pools and beautiful beaches, Miami comes also with many risks for our little ones.

Come and learn with us to identify the signs of cardio vascular accidents, strokes, choking and how to improve the chain of survival.

Take a Infant/Child CPR class and learn the basic skills to provide CPR to a child who is choking, unconscious, not breathing well or gasping and optimize his /her chance to survive.


With love ,



Body Belly Baby Founder
Basic Life Support Instructor American Heart Association


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Baby in roadside rescue on Dolphin Expressway in stable condition
Published: February 21, 2014 10:34:00 PM EST
Updated: February 22, 2014 10:06:59 AM EST


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