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Pregnancy is a time for expecting parents to have many questions, to prepare and educate themselves about pregnancy, baby, labor, breastfeeding and nursery. Pregnant women are also more prone to worry about their health and are usually eating better, exercising more and taking great care of themselves. Who would have imagined that pregnant women have to experience social distancing, the inability to see their physicians as regularly as possible, staying at home and having to worry about labor in the hospital with or without their partner ?  The medical field – doctors and scientists- are still learning how the virus affects expectant mothers and their unborn babies. COVID-19 has changed our life as you are expecting your baby or recently gave birth to your baby. Education, support and knowledge can be shared during these challenging times as you need some support.

Prevention and Protection Measures during pregnancy to avoid COVID-19

COVID-19 is a serious threat to everyone. Pregnant women are more vulnerable and sensitive but there is no evidence that pregnancy makes you any more likely to get sick with coronavirus. As pregnant women have physiologic changes in their chests, they may be more susceptible to viral respiratory infections. THE ACOG – American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists – is concerned that women may be more prone to miscarriage, pre-term birth and fetal growth restriction if they have COVID-19 (source WeBMD).

Prevention is critical. The basic recommendation apply to every pregnant woman and include staying at home, washing your hands very often, staying 6 feet away from other people, wearing a mask and gloves, not touching your face, and avoiding any social gatherings. Sadly, it means that baby showers can not take place and visitors should not visit you at your home after baby is born.

Prenatal Education Classes during COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 has been impacting the world. Pregnant women and new moms use to attend prenatal yoga or Pilates classes. They connect with other expecting women in their community. Expecting parents are taking prenatal classes in the hospitals and maternity centers : breastfeeding, safety and childbirth classes. Future parents love to gather and learn together with other expecting families. COVID-19 made this impossible today.

COVID-19 has created a lot of anxiety, stress, worry and concern.  Pregnant women are more prone to worry. They are more sensitive and vulnerable emotionally. They need to prepare and educate themselves to be confident and feel at peace during pregnancy and labor. They need to feel safe and reassured when they come home with their baby. It is key for women during pregnancy to exercise regularly in a normal time. Today is not a normal time and they need it every more. Every pregnant woman needs to stay home to protect herself and her baby to be born. Exercise is important to relieve stress associated with COVID-19, to build strength, relax, stretch, breathe, and feel good. The days at home are long and social isolation is challenging. Move and take a daily break in a long day / week at home to exercise.


COVID-19 and ONLINE classes during pregnancy


Education can not stop during a pandemic such as Covid-19. This is why we immediately offered ONLINE prenatal pilates and yoga classes in order to support our pregnant mommies as we closed our locations during COVID-19.

ONLINE Education Prenatal Classes help expecting parents to prepare in the comfort of their home online and to feel they are engaged and active in the process.

The online classes offer LIVE connection with instructor and parents-to-be do feel truly connected. As hospitals have different rules as regards labor and how many people can be in the Labor & Delivery Room, we want pregnant women to be ready to give birth alone in the hospitals without their partners but also to be able to be in labor at home as long as possible. In New York City, laboring women are not allowed to have anyone with them in the Labor & Delivery Room. Their partner is not allowed anymore to protect his wife, his baby, and the doctor and nurses.


COVID-19 and Breastfeeding

The World Health Organization recommends women to breastfeed their baby as the benefits of breastmilk include transferring antibodies to their baby. There are not enough information to know if the virus is transmitted through breastmilk.  A mom with COVID-19 would need to take all the precautions to avoid spreading the virus to her baby: washing hands, wearing a mask, be extra- cautiou sto protect her baby and stay way from her baby after breastfeeding,


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