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by BodyBellyBaby


Categories: Blog

by BodyBellyBaby


Flip the word MOM, it reads WOW !

Mother’s Day is a special day for all the mothers in the world for more than one reason.

Wikipedia gives a comprehensive definition of Mother’s Day


Celebrate Motherhood every day 


One becomes a mother when her baby is born. One mother learns every day to be and become a mom. It is instinctive, beautiful, and exhausting. It is hard and fun. It is pure sacrifice and unconditional love.

It is important to recognize and celebrate motherhood, congratulate mothers, respect and support mothers in the world.

Body Belly Baby is a community of mothers to learn, share, and guide and celebrate Mother’s Day everyday 

Everyday we celebrate expecting women – who soon-to-be mothers -, and new moms.

Moms have created little human beings, carried their baby for 9 months, gave birth and life to their child.  Moms are awake at nights, feeding or caring for their new born in the early months, or years.

Moms are working moms or at home moms. Moms start their day earlier than anyone in families… It seems almost normal as if only moms could do it all. Nevertheless, I believe strongly that moms are super heroes.

They take on many responsibilities and wear many hats … At Body Belly Baby, we acknowledge the support women and mothers need. We believe in support groups, in parenting classes and moms community. It is so instinctive for a mom to help another mom because she knows and she cares. Our team’s passion is to help women to be at their best.


Are you a Room Mom?  a Dance Mom? a Soccer Mom ? a super Mom ? an helicopter Mom ?

There is a lot of pressure to be the perfect mom. Yet there is no need to be perfect. Love is your guide. Your upbringing and your culture help you navigate this journey.

There is already enough in a mother’s plate, don’t you think ? Laundry, errands, cooking, activities planning, pediatricians’ visit, school events, sports games…

We believe in the support between mothers. I am always surprised ( am I really?) to never hear the expressions ” Dance Dad”, “Soccer Dad”, “Helicopter Dad”?!

Counting on other moms is crucial to successfully navigate the motherhood journey at any stage.


Meet and connect with other moms all over the world to celebrate Mother’s Day 

Building a community is very important during and after pregnancy. This community becomes your support group in the coming months, a community of mothers like you and me.

Moms learn from other moms. Moms share with other moms to help them.




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