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Categories: Blog

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May for Mom


May is a special month for every pregnant woman, new mom and every mother in the world.

At Body Belly Baby, our Maternity and Pregnancy Center, we celebrate every mother daily, weekly, and monthly starting with you, your mother, your mother-in-law, and all of your mommy friends.

But May is for Moms , and it is our most important month to celebrate motherhood.

Becoming a mother is an amazing journey and experience physically, emotionally and psychologically.

It starts as you are expecting, and really kicks in as you give birth and officially become a mother, and then you are always the mother of your baby.


To Be a Mom is …

To love your child unconditionally.

To care, nurture, guide and raise your child.

To make many sacrifices always, all the time, and for ever.

To always have enough energy and resources to be here, protect and listen to your child

To be strong for your child.

To educate, to care for, to fight for, to worry for, to laugh with and learn with your child

To be the best role model you can possibly be but at times make mistakes like every human being does.

Is a full time CEO,COO, CFO, CMO combined job.

Is the most rewarding and most challenging job

Is the most magical experience that every woman should have the privilege and joy to know.


Celebrate every mom on Mothers Day

To every woman in the world, I have encountered many moms, assisted many moms-to-be, and the common thread I have experienced is this amazing unconditional love a mom has for her child from birth and for ever.


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