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Mom and baby class in Miami 

Mommy and baby class to get out of the house

As a new mom, it is not easy to get out of the house. Between baby’s naps, feedings, and diapers there is not a lot of  time left to leave home. In addition to this busy schedule, new moms are usually sleep deprived and would rather nap than go out. So it can easily be a vicious cycle. New moms stay home too long without having much social intersections with the outside world.

Yet for mommy’s emotional and social well being, it is critical to have a support network and be surrounded by friendly and caring people : your husband or partner, your family, your mother, your best friend, your sister or a kind nanny. It is also important to build enough confidence in new moms and empower them so that they can leave the home.

Mommy and baby class to learn the art of baby massage

We encourage every new mom to learn baby massage for many reasons:

  1. Immediate benefits to baby : relaxation, stimulation, relief of discomforts, and bonding
  2. Activity with your baby to learn and practice every day to make massage part of baby daily routine and care
  3. A weekly activity / class to go to with your baby as early as 5 weeks old and develop a weekly routine
  4. Meet other moms with babies, share your experience and build a network and community
  5. Make mommy friends and baby friends.

Mommy and baby class to empower the new mom

Few days ago, as we were starting a new Baby Massage Class at Body Belly Baby, a terrible storm started prior to the beginning of the class. It was pouring.

One of the new moms arrived early but decided to stay in the parking lot as it was raining too hard. She was concerned her two-month old would get wet.

I came to her rescue with two umbrellas and reassured her to get out of the car, take her car seat an her baby. We walked all the way on the parking lot, under a heavy rain, and made it to the studio. Baby was dry and fine.  As the mom told me … it was her first time alone coming out of the house, driving somewhere with her baby boy.

Coming to class made this mom stronger and empowered her as a new mom,

Mommy and baby class to make mommy friends

Going out of the home is challenging. There are many things to think about: diaper bag, car seat, feeding utensils, nap time, stroller, …

Going out of the home is also needed for your sanity. Start with baby massage course and attend 5 weekly sessions… one will be more confident in her parenting skills, will be empowered and feel ready to go anywhere with her baby. After baby massage, mom and baby are ready to join the mommy & Baby activities including Mommy and me Pilates, Mommy and Me classes, Yoga Music classes…etc

Mommy and baby class to fight postpartum depression

Postpartum depression is a reality and can severely impact a new mom. Attending mom ban baby class, exercising, going out are critical elements to fight postpartum depression.

Regular, scheduled, weekly and daily classes with your baby are the right way to help any new mom cope with some postpartum depression symptoms – light or severe – as social interaction, and physical activity are two important elements in the pursuit of emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Mommy and Baby community is the positive outcome for all the moms.


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