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Categories: Blog

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As CDC indicates :

Pregnant women might be at an increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19 compared to non-pregnant people.

The recent research shows there may be an increased risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes such as preterm birth.

Combining great medical care, physical activity and nutrition lead to the best outcomes. As COVID-19 limits the ability to exercise in a gym, online classes offer many advantages to keep you at your best during pregnancy.


Online Prenatal Classes are safer 

The best ways to protect yourself and to help reduce the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19 are to reduce your interactions with other people as much as possible. Social distancing is one of the best way to be safe. Wearing a mask also helps protecting you agains it.

Yet during pregnancy you already experience some difficulty to take deep full breaths as you are pumping more blood and your heart has to work harder. Wearing a mask is your number 1 protection but will feel uncomfortable as you work out.

Online Prenatal Pilates or Yoga Classes are as effective as in-person classes

The format of the classes is built to make you strong, balanced, and relaxed. You may be attending a prenatal Pilates Fitness class and will receive a full body conditioning workout online. You may elect a more soothing, stretching, relaxing type of work out with our online prenatal yoga classes.


Attend online class from the comfort of your home

The beauty of prenatal online classes is that you need only basic equipment : a mat, a pair of dumbbells, an exercise ball, and a chair. You can set up in your room, your living room, or backyard. You don’t need a big space. You need your phone, a labtop or an ipad, and download ZOOM.


Meet and connect with other expecting women all over the world 

Building a community is very important during and after pregnancy. This community becomes your support group in the coming months.

Social distancing is the best way to protect yourself and your baby. But you are likely more isolated. And this is tough. Pregnant women can experience signs of pregnancy depression and are at risk of postpartum depression.


Online Prenatal Classes are flexible and easy to fit in your schedule 

You can fit in your workout when convenient for you during the day. On demand online or Live sessions are available.  They allow you flexibility and a better time management. You don’t need to worry about commuting, traffic, or parking.


Online Prenatal Classes during COVID-19

The online classes will allow you to be at your best physically, emotionally, and psychologically. We believed in balance and consistent practice of physical activity.


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