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Pregnancy Fitness in Miami


Pregnancy Fitness for every pregnant woman

Pregnancy Fitness is the key to a healthy pregnancy, an easier labor and postpartum period.

The ACOG recommends to exercise at last 5 times a week for more than 20 min. Guidelines encourage moderate intensity workout, no supine position, low-impact form of exercise, and regularity. Pilates modified for pregnancy is by far one of the best forms of fitness during pregnancy together with prenatal yoga.

Pregnancy Fitness is beneficial during pregnancy

  • To adapt to the physical and hormonal changes occurring during pregnancy
  • To stay strong, fit and healthy
  • To maintain a healthy weight gain
  • To improve self esteem and navigate through the ups and downs of the hormones
  • To promote comfort and wellbeing
  • To increase energy levels and improve the quality of sleep
  • to prevent gestational diabetes
  • To make lifestyle changes
  • To be at your best during pregnancy

Pregnancy Fitness is beneficial for labor

  • To prepare your mind and body for the marathon of labor and birth
  • To build stamina and endurance for labor
  • To develop a strong core – transverse abdomens muscle – to be ready to push for labor
  • To be aware about the importance of a healthy pelvic floor i.e toned and stretchable
  • To be able to squat, move, change positions during the early stages of labor
  • To shorten the time of labor and pushing phase
  • To be at your bets during labor

Pregnancy Fitness is beneficial for the postpartum period

  • To take care of your baby and have a strong body
  • To bounce back to your pre-pregnancy shape and weight
  • To have sufficient energy to care for the needs of your baby and yours
  • To prevent hurting your back as you carry baby, car seat, stroller and diaper bag
  • To prevent postpartum depression and baby blues
  • To enhance body image and self awareness
  • To get out of the house
  • To keep mental and physical balance
  • To meet other mommies and babies
  • To be at your best as a new mommy

The earlier your start pregnancy fitness classes, the better the results and the higher the sense of well-being.

2018 New Year Resolution is to join a prenatal Pilates class or prenatal yoga class at Body Belly Baby in Miami.



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