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Categories: Blog

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Thank You to all the Body Belly Baby mommy-to-be, mommies and babies ! As we are approaching Thanks Giving and the Holidays period, I wanted to pause for few minutes and to look back and appreciate what Body Belly Baby accomplished this year thanks to all of my students, thanks to my amazing partners doctors at Mercy Hospital, at Baptist Hospital, at South Miami Hospital and Mount Sinai, and also thank the Body Belly Baby Team members; Our IBCLC lactation consultant, our dietitian, our CPR AHA instructor and education, our infant Massage USA educator, our Spanish CPR educator, our sleep consultant and more….

Body Belly Baby is really THE MIAMI Pregnancy and Maternity Center I wanted to create with all of the services and products addressed to pregnant women, new moms and babies.

Body Belly Baby is a center in Miami for every pregnant mom with all the services from wellness, fitness, massage, nutrition to high-quality educational classes ran by experts , qualified, certified professionals from breastfeeding, Childbirth education, to pediatric CPR>  Body Belly Baby is the only community where one feels welcome, gets personalized attention, connects with every single team member and feels unique with the right level of attention and exceptional level of care.

As I studied in Harvard Business School – to earn my MBA- and was expecting my first baby, I learned that building a business starts with a good idea, hard work, core values and integrity. But most importantly, I also learned that the team is the key and Body Belly Baby is proud to have the best team in place to welcome expectant moms and new moms with babies.

Baby step by baby step, Body Belly Baby has become the place of choice for maternity, pregnancy and education in Miami during and after pregnancy ! By coming to Body Belly Baby, one makes the right choice to be at her best during and after pregnancy. Body Belly Baby helps you feeling great in your body, learning all the newest evidence- based childbirth education , prepare for both physically, mentally and psychologically . Once baby is born, Body Belly Baby is your support network, your community, your place to meet and share with other mommies and babies.

Thank you for your trust, for your support and for being the wonderful mommies you became.

Thank you for having Body Belly Baby in your life and journey to becoming a mommy.


Happy Thanks Giving,

The Body Belly Baby Team




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